AgFirst Website Redesign


March 2015




HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, C#, Kentico, Responsive Web Design


UX Designer

Front-end Developer

Project Overview

As of January 2015, AgFirst Farm Credit began the process of rebranding their company and this included the website. They would see two very diverse audiences reach their site: financial institutions and the borrowers of said financial institutions. The homepage was the main challenge: how do we funnel these two very different groups into their respective portions of the site? After collaborating with a content strategist, we came to the solution of having two boxes on the home page for each group. In addition to this, we color coded the borrower section of the site due to the fact that this was the smallest section of the site.

AgFirst Web Page: 1 AgFirst Web Page: 2 AgFirst Web Page: 3 AgFirst Web Page: 4